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Handmade in Scotland by Claire Watson

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American by birth, nomad by nature,

Claire has travelled across the globe with

integral years being spent in Denmark, a country

which has strongly influenced her.


Though always finding creative outlets, mostly in the

form of painting and drawing, it wasn’t until she came to

the shores of Alba that the flame for jewellery was set alight.


Scotland quickly captured her heart, and with its close historical ties to Scandinavia it created the perfect blend for both her jewellery and artwork.  It was at a medieval workshop, where a man who couldn’t look more like a Viking if he tried demonstrated an old Viking technique for chain making.

Claire took this ancient wire weaving technique and brought it into the modern day. From here, she continued to teach herself more and more and has developed significant skills in Silversmithing.


A big driving force behind her creative passions, is making unique and meaningful pieces for people. One of her favourite pieces to date was a sterling silver arm Torc with customized boarhead terminals. This was commissioned as a gift by a society to one of their founding members. It was a pleasure being part of that moment; enjoying the challenges of creating something new and trying out new methods made the experience wonderfully satisfying.  


Now a Viking Re-enactor as well, she challenges herself to create more ambitious works and develop new techniques both modern and historical.

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BlueKittyCreations is the brainchild of Claire Watson, a U.K. based artist with a passion for art and bespoke custom pieces. It is the culmination of a creative childhood, the inspiring Scottish landscapes, culture and history that came to inspire her. It also reflects her blue hair and cat-like fondness for basking in rays of sunshine.