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Handmade in Scotland by Claire Watson



Runes are the ancient germanic alphabets used from the 2nd century, often referred to as Futhark.

As the written language evolved several rune sets appeared, from different areas and different times.


The two that I use are:

Younger Furthark - aka Danish Runes, used from the 8th Century in Denmark expanding across Scandinavia by the 10th Century

Elder Futhark - The oldest form of runes used as early as the 2nd century by all germanic tribes


You may also have seen others like Anglo-Saxon runes, Ogham runes,

and even Dwarvish Runes (which were based off of Futhark for LoTR)

Rune Punches RuneCharms3 Runes and alphabet

Elder Futhark Runes

These runes, like all alphabets, are a visual representation of particular sounds, and there isnt always a letter to letter translation.


Unlike our modern alphabet, each Rune has its own name and meaning. When on it's own, each rune represent a range of meanings and I show this through my silver rune charms.


I create all my runes using simple handmade punches, which allows me greater flexibility when writing out phrases, and means each one is unique


Beyond Futhark, there are other Rune or Magical Staves, which represent and are used for different things.